Glass for every occasion

I began working in stained glass in the 1980, and I soon joined the Metropolitan Stained Glass Association.  When fused glass took off, and the Association merged with the National Capital Art Glass GuiId, I became interested in that as well, and now I pursue both kinds of glass. 

Whether working in stained or fused glass, or while learning new glass techniques from teachers around the world, I bring my sense of design, color, and whimsy to all my art, often incorporating Jewish themes into my work. 

I find glass fascinating.  It is created with sand and elements and heat.  A lot of heat. The possibilities of creation are endless, and each piece is unique.

Contact me if you're interested in something similar to the art on these pages, if you'd like to see what I've made lately, or if you want to discuss a special commission.

Tamah Graber,